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Passing of friends

We lost Uncle Shek Kin on 2nd January. We had a hard time searching for him, and he was long gone when he was finally found. I’m just glad that he’d met a lot of friends prior to his demise and didn’t even realize he’s gone. I still remember the way he’d always smile and come squeeze my shoulders when I meet him. It was a painless  departure for him and for this I’m very glad.

Today, we lost Uncle Kwai. I was the first one to find out he was hospitalised and rushed over with Uncle Foo last night. I never expected to find him in such serious condition. I never expected to find him brain dead. I feel so helpless watching him sleep there, I just wanted him to wake up. This is not the first time I’ve been sleepless over a friend in hospital, but this is the first time I’ve ever lit incense and prayed to Kuan Yin for somebody to get well. I’ve never seen my dad cry before this morning. I’d never imagined the day will come when I’d cry while having breakfast. I never thought that I’ll one day be that guy crying in the office kitchen.

All I can think of is just the times he’ll come around my house and hang around, squat beside and have a smoke while we’re working on cars and bikes. When he’ll come for drinks and help out around the house. When he’ll just pass by our house just to make sure everything is ok. He was there to help us move house. He was there to help us paint the house. He was there to help us erect the porch. He was there helping make everything fall into place during my wedding preparation. He’s always been there with us. All the hard work, all the celebrations, all the sunny days, all the rainy days, Uncle Kwai will always be around to help us. He rarely eats and just enjoys drinking beer and chatting away in the garden. I still remember the nights when he’d be to drunk to go home and has to spend the night at our home.

Just last weekend he was around helping us dig holes and fence the house, we were putting the finishing touches but he didn’t turn up. He didn’t turn up at Fatt gor gor’s party either. We didn’t realize he was waiting for us to find him. I’ve was hoping so badly that he’d just wake up and recover just so that he can come along and drink in the garden again. But it was not to be. I’m sorry we weren’t there when you needed us. I’m sorry I didn’t find you earlier so that I can inform your mother and siblings earlier. I’m sorry you have to go this way. If there’s one thing I could say to you, I’m just hoping you’ll know that you’re part of our family, always has been, always will be. Thank you for everything Uncle Kwai, we’ll miss you.


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