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Old friends

Met 6139 again on the 21st of September. Couldn’t recognize it at first; all green with red interior and very large rims now, don’t really like the rims, but I’m glad the car is being loved all the same. Also, I guess this is really goodbye 2013. I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you…



Back again!

It’s been a while. Just thought I’d recap on my life in the past year. Just because I can I’ll do it all backwards.

In March 2012, we moved to a new home: 
It’s a 5 year old bungalow previously owned by a royalty who has gotten too old to maintain it himself. House looks small outside but is spacious and airy inside. Our old home has been sold to Uncle Kim Kooi. Still miss it lots.

In December 2011, I bought a car:
Haha yea, after going about it again and again, I finally got one. It’s everything I expected it to be and more.

Oh, and in November 2011, I also got myself a wife:
Times have rarely been good for me, admittedly not very convincing in light of this post, I know; but during the less-than-happy times I’m just really glad I have my family and wife 🙂

Bye 6139

Thanks for never failing me whenever my other cars are out of action. Sorry about the disc brake when your wheel fell off cause I didn’t tighten it properly, but I made some friends from that fateful April 27 incident, and even they still remember you fondly. I’m sorry that after almost 30 years in the family, I had to be the one to cause you your very first dent. I’ve successfully not involved you in any accidents even though the broken brake hose was a near miss, but I have had to park you under the tree that unfortunate day. I’m still sad about it. Even if you’re old, noisy, not shiny, guzzle gas, and react slowly, I’ve always been so proud and glad to be driving around in you. I know I was against it when Dad wanted to bring you home, but I quickly changed my mind when I realized what a dignified car you are.

I’m glad your new owner doesn’t mind your scar from the tree. I’m glad he will be restoring you to your former glory, maybe even better, something we’ve always wanted to do but never got around to.

Remember 2013? That black rascal who was always out of commission and you had to stand in for him? He’s still running around, probably better off now. I still miss him and see him around. Always puts a smile on my face. I’m gonna miss you that much too! It’ll probably be harder to see you around, but I’ll still be looking out for the chance.

Live on properly 6139! You’re a survivor!! Thanks for the good times!

Bye 2013

Thanks for everything. I’ll miss you.


Hyundai Starex
New family hauler! Pretty awesome thing, had it since end of October! Bro got a new Saga too, which I promptly “broke-in” for him 😀

Mercedes Benz V230
Finally shot more pics of the V230, cause I never cared much for it in the first place, other than a very memorable trip to numerous spots in Thailand last year. It’s been placed for sale, haha, well, I hope you go to a good owner, not that hard considering you’re more than mint anyway, and thanks for being my spare car for quite a while but I doubt I’m gonna miss ya!

Citroen Xantia
Over the past few months, the Xantia has had it’s aircon fixed nicely, got a new cylinder head, new paint, seats refurbished, and even new mats!

Citroen Xantia
I can’t believe I’ve been driving my favourite car since 2004 and never had a proper pic taken with it! Here’s one finally, sadly, also the last I guess. It’s been a swell 5 years with my Xantia, it wasn’t always a good run but the car has been with me through a lot. It definitely impressed a lot of people with its style, space, comfort and even shocked more with its cornering prowess. My friends are definitely gonna miss it too. I hope you get a caring new owner and can continue to smoke others on the road. Maybe we’ll meet again someday. Maybe you’re gonna smoke me, but I’m probably gonna smoke you. I’m gonna miss you, please don’t wreck or burn yourself till then 2013. I’ll always remember you fondly.

Some stuff I got lately

1/64 Daihatsu Midget from Ying!

I’ve always had a soft spot for this car, having fond memories of one or two running around my old home selling meat and stuff!


The small box is pretty awesome with the 60s movie poster on it!

Miniature Guinness bottle collection from Uncle Kim Kooi! Super nice with and must be a bit rare with it being one of 10000 sets!

Finally bought a new wallet today! It comes in a nice mooncake box! I think it probably cost a bit too much for so little leather, but I’m sold!

What sold me. Yea, doesn’t take much 😀

White little oddity

I love the styling of the Xantia, especially the side and rear profile, but sometimes I can’t help but notice that the front fascia looks a bit dated compared to it’s Peugeot twin, the 406, and I’d told some friends how interesting I think a Xantia would look with a 406’s face. Anyone ever noticed I rarely take frontal pics of the Xantia and all you ever see is it’s sides and butt on this blog? Well, today I saw that someone has took the concept to reality with the smaller siblings 🙂

Citroen ZX
Saw this hatch this afternoon. Just a normal ZX, rite?

Citroen ZX
Haha, but what’s this? Apparently the owner have swapped the fenders, hood, headlamps, bumper and grille from a Peugeot 306, the ZX’s twin, notice that even the Lion badge has been replaced with the Twin Chevrons 🙂

By the way, you cannot just make every other Citroen look better with a Peugeot face swap though; some, like the XM, are absofarkinglutely PERFECT, untouchable! I just hope I don’t see one with a 605 face, XM face on 605 would be as bad!

While I still prefer the 306 hatch compared to the ZX, it does look nicer than original; the 306 and 406 both came out 2 years later compared to the ZX and Xantia respectively, so naturally they look fresher, and I doubt many will notice the not-so-subtle differences, so it probably doesn’t attract too much attention, nice! You might see it a bit in the first pic, and the dashboard isn’t the ZX piece anymore. I had a quick glance and it is a 406 piece with a late model Xantia steering wheel. It’s not mindblowing, but hey, it makes me warm and fuzzy inside knowing that someone out there has such an interest in these french oddities too 🙂

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