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Passing of friends

We lost Uncle Shek Kin on 2nd January. We had a hard time searching for him, and he was long gone when he was finally found. I’m just glad that he’d met a lot of friends prior to his demise and didn’t even realize he’s gone. I still remember the way he’d always smile and come squeeze my shoulders when I meet him. It was a painless Β departure for him and for this I’m very glad.

Today, we lost Uncle Kwai. I was the first one to find out he was hospitalised and rushed over with Uncle Foo last night. I never expected to find him in such serious condition. I never expected to find him brain dead. I feel so helpless watching him sleep there, I just wanted him to wake up. This is not the first time I’ve been sleepless over a friend in hospital, but this is the first time I’ve ever lit incense and prayed to Kuan Yin for somebody to get well. I’ve never seen my dad cry before this morning. I’d never imagined the day will come when I’d cry while having breakfast. I never thought that I’ll one day be that guy crying in the office kitchen.

All I can think of is just the times he’ll come around my house and hang around, squat beside and have a smoke while we’re working on cars and bikes. When he’ll come for drinks and help out around the house. When he’ll just pass by our house just to make sure everything is ok. He was there to help us move house. He was there to help us paint the house. He was there to help us erect the porch. He was there helping make everything fall into place during my wedding preparation. He’s always been there with us. All the hard work, all the celebrations, all the sunny days, all the rainy days, Uncle Kwai will always be around to help us. He rarely eats and just enjoys drinking beer and chatting away in the garden. I still remember the nights when he’d be to drunk to go home and has to spend the night at our home.

Just last weekend he was around helping us dig holes and fence the house, we were putting the finishing touches but he didn’t turn up. He didn’t turn up at Fatt gor gor’s party either. We didn’t realize he was waiting for us to find him. I’ve was hoping so badly that he’d just wake up and recover just so that he can come along and drink in the garden again. But it was not to be. I’m sorry we weren’t there when you needed us. I’m sorry I didn’t find you earlier so that I can inform your mother and siblings earlier. I’m sorry you have to go this way. If there’s one thing I could say to you, I’m just hoping you’ll know that you’re part of our family, always has been, always will be. Thank you for everything Uncle Kwai, we’ll miss you.


Friday BBQ

Was a last minute thing, Mom & Dad couldn’t buy enough food so they kept company little. Was pretty swell though, also had some fun taking pics for my cousin and bugging the kids at play πŸ™‚ Photobucket
Not a bad way to spend a Friday night πŸ™‚


Haha, it was fun!

I took a day off work today to witness Wennice’s marriage registration with 40+ other couples at Chin Woo Hall, managed to con Bou and Jessie to go along! I’m kinda glad I conned them into coming because that meant I got a ride to the hall and need not hunt for parking! Met Wennice’s boyfriend, Wai, husband as of now, for the first time after hearing of him for years, nice dude just as I’d always thought he is! The whole marriage event thingy was funny; I saw couples come in elaborate garbs, in normal wedding attire, some a bit more casual like they were dressed for dinner at a nice place, and the most normal looking couple in their everyday clothes, they could have just came from work after lunch for all I know! Pretty interesting, it’s my first time attending such an event, but I managed to fall asleep twice while the couples were signing the papers nonetheless πŸ˜€

After the ceremony ended at about 3pm, me, Yen, Ivan, & Bou returned to the office for the party, too bad Jessie didn’t apply for leave and join us! Fanny’s already arrived when Bou and me got back to the office after buying soft drinks, as well as lots of other people! The afternoon was super, so many friends and relatives gathered, good food, drinks, it’s a happy afternoon!

Come evening, I rushed home with Sis to take a bath, sent her back to the office, and off I went to dinner with Ivan & Wennice’s family at SLHF! Bou arrived with Yen and Jessie a bit later!

When dinner was done it’s off to yumcha at Old Town in Gunung Rapat, did some sightseeing around the neighbourhood too before that because Ivan and I couldn’t agree on the location of Ye Huai’s home; in the end it turned out I was right!!

This afternoon, I was a bit worried about breaking out two friend’s little secret. I mean, he’s always been frank with me, but it totally caught me off guard when he lied twice to me, it just sort of occurred to me that it’s really not typical of him to be this way at all. The other one is just always bashful but unsuspectingly truthful to me. I felt a bit bad exposing and making fun of them the whole day (ok la, for the most part I was enjoying it, he’s had it coming a long time k). Tonight though, they are so much more themselves again after the secret’s out, probably immune already after being made the butt of jokes for the whole day. Secret’s out, ain’t no need to hide anymore right? I’m sorry I’m kepoh, but don’t your hearts feel lighter with nothing to hide? I’m happy for them, let’s see how this goes πŸ˜€

Haha yea, sooo, this supposedly hollowly meaningful date has been a memorable one for me, good times!

Thank you

.. to the girl at the clothing store who remembered me and let me change the unsuitable pair of jeans I’d bought on a whim with a nicer pair, even when I couldn’t produce the receipt!

.. to my family and everybody in the past 2 weeks for everything related to my birthday!

.. to Trish my sis, my birthday is wayyyyy over, you really need not get me another cake, so thanks again!

.. to Mr Jasz for treating me to lunch. Fark la next time tell me if you’re full and don’t feel like eating, I wasn’t hungry either, why both want to purposely go out to stuff ourselves silly and suffer?! Next time give ang pau can ady, no need lunch πŸ˜€

.. to all my close friends for celebrating with me too, seriously, I enjoyed the company, and the fact that there isn’t another cake for me to stuff down that day! Someday I will not get negative points anymore when playing snooker! I will not let Bou pocket all the balls anymore!

.. to Uncle Mun who made a new seat pan for me after finding out the first one is unsuitable, all because I messed up with the measurements and was vague about how I’d wanted it to be, and refusing to take extra pay, as usual.

.. to Uncle Wai who made me a new seat bracket promptly (not exactly easy work), reinforcing the seat pan, lending me his tools and workspace, all for almost nothing.

.. to boss for the cake (surprised the hell out of me) and the raise (another week, another surprise)! On the other hand, I feel really bad for slacking off at work, I really do, I’ll slack off less from now on and make myself a little bit more worth the pay!

.. to Yen and everybody who has been putting off with my temper and randomness lately. I know I’m being weird, I wish I weren’t so but as luck would have it my self control muscles are way fatigued lately.

.. to whoever’s reading this! You’re really patient hor? All this same random stuff and same-looking pics of the same bike from the same angle every week and you’re still here πŸ˜€

Thank you everybody, at times, you all make me wonder what I’d done to deserve all this kindness. I will keep my temper and tongue in check, I will be nice. You all remind me of this everyday.

My birthday!

Sooooooooooooooooooooo, I’m officially 23 now. Eugh, why do I feel so sad acknowledging this fact?

Haha, anyway, thank you everybody for the wishes through phone calls, MSN, Facebook, Friendster, SMS, for wishing me HBD 5 times a day, or all of the above (hahaha, you crazy fellas). Thank you for the cakes, the songs, the gifts, for coming out, for coming straight away after a long journey back to town. I think I’ve had my fair share of birthday cakes for now haha, thanks everybody, you all made my birthday awesome! Leong Soon bows and says thank you once again!

Tronoh Motocross Competition

Resprayed the Z50M’s fuel tank again this morning, should be the last time I need to do it, then went out for lunch with Yen, right after finishing the noodles Mom & Dad got me for breakfast, met TK and S at McDonald’s during lunch with Yen too! After the meal, Yen wanted to buy apple pies for herself and Liz, but there was a sizable line at the counters, so we took her car and went around the Drive-Thru instead; annnnd, we got our orders after than the customers lining up inside πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Dropped Yen off, then rushed back home as the others were waiting for me, also made it home in record time, for daytime πŸ˜€ Busy playing Crazy Planets on Facebook, lazy to type, so photos deluge it is!

Kai Ye on his new KLX250. I think it was barely 6 weeks ago when he got this bike new and let me test ride it, yep, still minty fresh!

There was a pretty nice turnout!

Dad is amused that these machines from his time are still jumping around, yay for Japanese build reliability!



What does it say on the pants?




Not the best, but probably my favourite pic of the day.

I was just done snapping some pics when I looked opposite me and saw this:
LOL! Kai Ye barely made it for 2 laps before he slid off the side of the second hump, so much for minty fresh, and I guess I gotta readjust the steering for him again come Monday! Haha, it’s ok though, he hasn’t rode in ages, and had just a few laps of practice the previous week, so this wasn’t totally unexpected. I gotta say I respect him though; for not really having rode seriously in his youth, and at the age of 61, this isn’t exactly the easiest motorsport one can get into, street and track racing maybe yes, but jumping around on a dirt track not so much, and the next oldest competitor is only 38 haha! I also like how he was just toying with the thought of dirt biking, succumbed to temptation and bought a bike only 3 days later, and brought his new bike to trash around less than a month later, this man is serious πŸ™‚

Kai Ye rode his bike over, while his subordinate drove Kai Ma over in the Jeep!


I heard a very familiar engine note and turned around to see this Honda Cub, modified for the dirt! Nice, it’s using the same 90cc engine in our Z50M! There was another similar one a few feet off too!


As the main events got on, the jumps just got higher and higher!

And higher!

And higher! Weeeeeeeeeeee! The number 117 and 98 bikes were pretty fast on this hump, making one huge leap whilst the others continued to make two small jumps. Sure looks fun!

Back at the Jeep, Uncle Kim Kooi is busy copying the video of Kai Ye’s slide down the slope via Bluetooth!

Yep, they could still go higher!!!

I wonder if the riders themselves go “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” whenever they catch big air? I think I would πŸ™‚

It was a fun afternoon! We went home at about 4pm as Dad and Uncle Kim Kooi had a dinner to attend. It rained a bit during the last race so I threw my muddy sandals into a plastic bag and got into the car, with mud still sticking to my arms, gotta get all that dirt off my camera too! Too tired, I slept through the whole journey home πŸ˜€

This weekend, I…

1. Celebrated Wennice’s birthday. We had a blast playing with the Bingo set Eric got her.

2. Lost 2 bucks playing Bingo. Won 7 πŸ™‚

3. Finally had a good night’s sleep, especially when I was already pretty zonked out during the party.

4. Helped Yen fix some stupidly mounted lamps at her workplace.

5. Managed heaps of progress with the Z50M.

6. Attended neighbour’s birthday. Celebrated mom, son, and 2 daughter’s birthday all at once. All in July πŸ™‚

7. Found out that they have an interesting culture of feeding each other cakes. With 4 birthday boys / girls + a few more relatives. Yep, there’s a loooot of cake feeding. I’m not sure if all Indians do that though. Also found out that they are all very good dancers!

8. Made quite a few new friends. Though I’m lousy at remembering names :p

9. Went from guest to host when Dad invited our neighbours to the “clubhouse”.

10. Taught kids how to play pool and darts.

11. Learnt how to do Bollywood dance. Just a bit :p

12. Drank little, but felt so drunk and happy like I haven’t had in quite some time. Darn beer, especially warm ones, they make me feel queasy. Uncles kinda scared after I kept pounding them with glass after glass on the rocks. I just like the flavour as is, undiluted.

13. In a stupor, placed the keys into the same pocket with my E900. Put on a lot more scratches than I’ve had in all the nearly 3 years I’ve had it.

14. Slept like dead again.

15. Woke up a bit groggy. Freshened up and put the bike back together.

16. Went to Lost World with Yen and my family. Played for more than 2 hours, was pretty fun, and the scorching weather only made dipping in the pools so much more fun. Had a second lunch at the restaurant outside. Food is so so now but the breeze is good!

17. Played snooker.

18. Played darts.

19. Played ping pong with neighbours.

20. Rode the scooter.

21. Rode Bro’s bicycle. Dad fixed up 2 I think. My bicycle’s on next week’s to-do list.

The past few days have been very tiring, but I feel so much more alive than I’ve had in quite some time, keep it coming!!

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