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Cute & adorable

MY kind of teddy bear on the bed ^^


Loot!! Moar!!

Got the MG Acguy and NG Over Flag after work today! The cute Acguy belongs to Yen, gotta assemble it for her too! I’ve always liked the Flag, and they had it in stock by chance today, so i grabbed it without much thinking ^^

This marks my first entry posted from a mobile device! Finally managed to add my blog to the iPhone WordPress app; it kept crashing before this. Even while i was typing this entry, it crashed once again too!

Holidays tomorrow, hope i can get started on one of the few untouched kits from the pile!!

More loot!

This arrived today!! The February 2011 issue of Hobby Japan with the exclusive HG Full Saber for the HG 00 Qan[T]!! One set’s mine while the other is for Lork!

Got protective films applied on both sides of the iPhone today! I’m kinda saddened though; I didn’t realize that the non-glare kind of film has a somewhat textured and matte surface, which makes the display look all fuzzy and grainy )= Gonna use it for a while, get it scratched, then switch to the normal shiny shiny type of film later!

More Gunpla!

Yen’s iPod’s display went off during lunch at Akamomiji today, so we went to Ipoh Parade to have it looked at after, turns out a long-press on the Home button fixes things! Maxis is taking their sweet time delivering the iPhone4 to me =( Anyway, while at Ipoh Parade, I grabbed the SD Sonshoukou Gerbera, always thought she is cute but couldn’t be assed to paint another SD, but it was RM15, grab!!

The HG Qan[T], still think that 1/144 Gundams are too small, but the Full Saber looks too darn good to pass. Gonna take my sweet time getting to this I guess; just done assembling the MG Qan[T] two weeks back, don’t feel like doing the HG so soon.

World’s coolest scale model. Period.





It’s been completed last Tuesday! So awesome! It’d be taken down come 31st August! How I wish I can make it in time to Japan to see it personally! Haha, anyway, I hope it’ll be relocated after August, instead of being taken apart and left to collect dust in some warehouse!

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Gotta love Japan!

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