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Back again!

It’s been a while. Just thought I’d recap on my life in the past year. Just because I can I’ll do it all backwards.

In March 2012, we moved to a new home: 
It’s a 5 year old bungalow previously owned by a royalty who has gotten too old to maintain it himself. House looks small outside but is spacious and airy inside. Our old home has been sold to Uncle Kim Kooi. Still miss it lots.

In December 2011, I bought a car:
Haha yea, after going about it again and again, I finally got one. It’s everything I expected it to be and more.

Oh, and in November 2011, I also got myself a wife:
Times have rarely been good for me, admittedly not very convincing in light of this post, I know; but during the less-than-happy times I’m just really glad I have my family and wife 🙂



Went with Yen to visit her grandparents’ memorial after breakfast this morning. Just as I was leaving, I met Aunt Heong whose husband I donated blood to a few weeks back. Her husband finally succumbed to his illness and his remains were kept at the same park. Paid my respects before leaving.

When we got back home, the grass has already arrived and Mom & Dad has already covered about 40% of the garden!

The grass comes on plastic sheets, just loosen the garden soil, place grass plate, peel off backing, and you’re done!

It looked fun so I got my hands on it a bit, and after an hour, the garden looks like this!

I don’t really like this kinda grass; looks a lot like the crappy kind on the playgrounds, still prefer the old Taiwanese type, but my parents seem to like it a lot, so,  yea, right, whatever zzzz ^^

In the Garden

So Mom & Dad were sick of the pathetic grass in the garden and decided it’s time for new ones! Over the past few weeks the grass and roots have been painstakingly removed! I really helped them a lot with this…. NOT buahahahah!!

Well, I did remove a fewwwwwww roots and leveled the soil a bittttttttt..

The new grass will be arriving tomorrow so there’s a bit more to do tomorrow!

Pepsi, like all dogs I’ve seen, doesn’t really like thunder; he gets restless once he hears it. Here’s him prancing around and pushing the swing again like he always does when some noise bugs him.

Concerned dog is concerned.

Hiding beside the swing again whenever thunder bugs him ^^

House got some new paint!

We painted the side of the house a bit since last week! It’s not done yet, and it should look better if we’d gone with a light brown instead of the buttery colour it is now, but the house looks more cheerful now, so it’s ok I guess 🙂

Table mod!

QUESTION: What would you do if you had two tables?

One with damaged surface…

..and one with damaged base?

So Dad had an idea, and 5 minutes later…


Didn’t even break a sweat ^^

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