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Bye 6139

Thanks for never failing me whenever my other cars are out of action. Sorry about the disc brake when your wheel fell off cause I didn’t tighten it properly, but I made some friends from that fateful April 27 incident, and even they still remember you fondly. I’m sorry that after almost 30 years in the family, I had to be the one to cause you your very first dent. I’ve successfully not involved you in any accidents even though the broken brake hose was a near miss, but I have had to park you under the tree that unfortunate day. I’m still sad about it. Even if you’re old, noisy, not shiny, guzzle gas, and react slowly, I’ve always been so proud and glad to be driving around in you. I know I was against it when Dad wanted to bring you home, but I quickly changed my mind when I realized what a dignified car you are.

I’m glad your new owner doesn’t mind your scar from the tree. I’m glad he will be restoring you to your former glory, maybe even better, something we’ve always wanted to do but never got around to.

Remember 2013? That black rascal who was always out of commission and you had to stand in for him? He’s still running around, probably better off now. I still miss him and see him around. Always puts a smile on my face. I’m gonna miss you that much too! It’ll probably be harder to see you around, but I’ll still be looking out for the chance.

Live on properly 6139! You’re a survivor!! Thanks for the good times!


The price of joy..

Came back home late this evening and soaked off an insane amount of water from the GTV’s cabin. It rained heavily last night and I carelessly left it in the open as I headed off to another service with Dad. That’s the 4th funeral I’ve been to this month; one for each week. Wow, anyway, the water in the GTV’s cabin, I could be raring fishies in it, I think I should seal off the windows with silicone glue for Uncle Kim Kooi, soaking off bucketloads of water while it’s raining hard wasn’t fun at all 😀 Still haven’t got the radiator fans fixed because I didn’t drive it out today.

Hehehe, today’s ride! Radio, sufficient headroom, air-con, power-steering with massive freeplay, no clutch, 2.8l of lazy DOHC L6 grunt (why oh why is my Xantia so lame with no twincams? And what, only 8 valves?! Damn!) and no wheelspin! Brakes are also crappy though, dang old cars 😀 Couldn’t believe how much I used to dislike it, always telling Dad to just sell it off. Now I’m the one who’s always talking Dad out of selling it. I’ve just grown very fond of it over the years. It’s harder to be pissed at anything while driving it. Something about everyday feeling like a weekend driving it.

Dad’s driven the Xantia home for me, the 116 needs some tweaking, the GTV needs a fix… … …, I’ll decide when I wake up. It’s die die die anyways because I’ll still have to clean up all 3 cars. Yay. Pouring days, love the rain, hate the mud.

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