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Pepsi unleashed!

Tonight marks a historical moment! I brought Pepsi for a walk round the block without a leash!! Not bad for a dog that has no training huh! Too bad my phone was charging and I didn’t have it around to capture this achievement!!  I also discovered he might be a mix of a Manchester Terrier with some other breed!


Working in the evening

Got tired of working in my dark and stuffed room, so i moved work out for a change ^^


Happy Chinese New Year

It’s 4am now and i’m just done making the new year card for mom and dad! Goodnight all and a Happy Chinese New Year to you!!!

Saturday again!

Took the mattress and pillows out for a suntan ^^

Got this from Fanny this afternoon! Looks like I’ve got some studying to do!

Acguy with the rest of the bunch, still haven’t got time to complete the armor, but i do like the bare frame look a lot!!

The 2nd last week of December 2010

Haha, this post is long overdue, also gonna be my first real post since I moved to wordpress!

The first part of the week’s been really really horrible at work. That’s that!

I spent the rest of the week having drinks with friends, mingling with relatives and attending 2 wedding parties in a row! Congrats go to Darren and his wife Michelle, my cousin Kenvinn and my new sis-in-law Wai Mun! Also congrats to my secondary school buddy Hai Chen, 8 years has passed so fast! I’ve always seen his wife Jing Yi in secondary school (they don’t know each other yet then), but never spoke to her. Never imagined that the first time I’m speaking to her after seeing her for the first time 12 years ago, I’ll be calling her ah sou! Life is funny!

I also got to know quite a few of my ex-schoolmates for the first time. It’s funny how we were all in different classes and activities, never knew each other in school, but can mingle and talk like we’ve been friends for years tonite! Had a great time talking to Steve, Mun Tiong, Li Hong, and also PihYing, Heng & Wife, as well as Jing Yi’s brother & wife!

My new blog

Haha k, so this is my blog’s new home! I’ll be leaving the old one as in and continue blogging from here!!

Moving On

Its very hard, but I’ve no other choice. Can’t wait forever.

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