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Saturday again!

Took the mattress and pillows out for a suntan ^^

Got this from Fanny this afternoon! Looks like I’ve got some studying to do!

Acguy with the rest of the bunch, still haven’t got time to complete the armor, but i do like the bare frame look a lot!!


Loot!! Moar!!

Got the MG Acguy and NG Over Flag after work today! The cute Acguy belongs to Yen, gotta assemble it for her too! I’ve always liked the Flag, and they had it in stock by chance today, so i grabbed it without much thinking ^^

This marks my first entry posted from a mobile device! Finally managed to add my blog to the iPhone WordPress app; it kept crashing before this. Even while i was typing this entry, it crashed once again too!

Holidays tomorrow, hope i can get started on one of the few untouched kits from the pile!!

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